Vicinanza Trading is strongly commited with proficiency in work so we will be able to offer our customers the best quality.

Our profesional team with a solid experience in import and export business together with advanzed technological tools, will offer our partners an individual and personalized attention that will adapt to your particular needs. We are a Dynamic, methodical and passionate team and we are able we provide the market with the necessary differential element to reach our customers’ goals.

Vicinanza’s staff are oganized in 6 different deparments with an inclusive transversal structure that allow us developing competencies and achieving objectives.

The reliable and flexible production processes which we apply daily, allow us to give a quick and efficient feedback to our clients’ needs.

In Vicinanza Trading we are always looking for excellence in all our processes. We have both all technical infraestructures needed and a profesional human team that will allow us to prepare a great number of daily orders.
Our warehouse has the cutting edge technology and a highly qualified and profesional staff. It is completelly automated so we can manage and optimize all the storage, preparation and expedition of goods in a quick and easy way.

This kind of automation in our warehouse guarantee us the following advantages:

  1. Stock control maximization and inventory in real time: our storage system give us the máximum reliability about our stock in every moment.
  2. A quick process of orders preparation with almost no errors: our working system is absolutely guided by means of displays. This generates a pick to light solution when goods are taking out the carousel, as well as a put o light solution in the distribution process. This allow us a process of multi orders preparation at the same time that will ends with the scanning of the EAN code.
  3. With this working methodology we get a best control in managing the entry and exit of goods in our warehouse.
  4. This system also provides with higuer security for the human staff: the cutting edge technology together with an easy working methodology will guarantee an almost null risk level for our staff.
  5. A completely automated packing list: this way of working gives the exact package content at real time, so we can provide our customers with a realiable and detailed packing list.